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Lack of blogging on my part recently has been due to being in this place….

Val Thorens is one of the 3 vallees and is, luckily for me, home to one of my best friends…so I took advantage and visited this week. Happiness, for me, is mountain shaped and filled with snow so I was so lucky to be able to take advantage of a new dump of snow this week in this amazing ski area. It’s the highest resort in Europe with some lifts going up to 3000m so it still had a fairly decent snow quality before this week’s dump compared to lower resorts in the area.

VT has a pretty lively apres-ski with the follie douce (also in Val D’isere) and bar 360 as well as the frog and roastbeef, saloon bar (seen also in Tignes and Val D’isere) and a few clubs.

A really enjoyable week…now I’m on a massive post mountain come down!

more soon…

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